Monday, 29 September 2014

Extra Image for Cosmos Article.

Cosmos magazine asked me to contribute an extra image to the article on artificial intelligence.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Masters Work

As part of my Masters I did some concept art for a futuristic version of Pinocchio.

Cosmos Magazine

Cosmos Magazine has an upcoming story about technology and wanted to use the movie She as a way of depicting it visually.
So here are three images of Joachim Phoenix from various scenes in the movie.

Liquorland Characters

This is a job I enjoyed very much.
It's the style I most prefer to work in, which is somewhere between reality and cartoon.
Liquorland ran a promo last Christmas which played on the Christmas guests you least want to arrive at your house on the big day.

So, I present to you:

The Alpha Carver

The Dopey Cousin

The Funny Guy

The Big Shot

Mr Cricket

Non-PC Nan

The PC Parents

The Re-Gifter

The Social Media Maniac

Scraps The Dog

This one was on the original list, but was dropped at the last minute for Scraps the Dog because everyone decided he was a little too creepy, even though that's what I was hoping to achieve!

The Lip Kisser

Henry Rollins for Rolling Stone Part 2

Rolling Stone felt that it was time to freshen up the image of Henry Rollins that accompanies his monthly article in magazine.
The art director suggested  that I create a few interchangeable parts, so that Henry's mood each month could change to suit the tone of the article.

I'm much less fond of these than I am of the previous version. I don't think they capture Henry's character quite as well.

Kimbra for Rolling Stone

I have spent the last year and a half studying for my Masters as well as illustrating and teaching university a couple of days a week. So, I've found it hard to find the time to keep this blog updated.
But now that study is behind me, I can devote time to keeping you all abreast of my latest work!

Here is a piece which will accompany the review of Kimbra's new album, The Golden Echo in the next issue of Rolling Stone.

The review alludes to a notion the she may be channeling music form other planets and I wanted to capture that feeling in the image. I originally had her gazing skywards in a sort of trance-like stupor, but the magazine preferred to have her look straight at us.

I drew further attention to the links with other plants by mirroring the golden highlight in Kimbra's eyes in the planets.